QFest 11 Announcement

From our Northern Apple ][ Compadres comes the following announcement:

Hot on the tail of the announcement of WOzFest 11sec, I am very happy to announce QFest 11, also to be held on Saturday 13 October 2018, starting around midday Brisbane time (UTC+10:00).

An Applesauce unit will be on hand, for us to co-image disks in the Sunshine State! I’m sure there will also be plenty of other projects to keep us occupied, including some cross-Skyping with WOzFest.

The meet will be at my place (inner-Brisbane Southside). Please contact me privately to confirm your attendance for catering purposes, and for the address.

Look forward to seeing you there! It’s been a little while since we’ve had a local Brisbane event.

Steven Kazoullis

It’s great there’s another Australian Apple ][ gathering happening, but I’m absolutely thrilled it’s coinciding with WOzFest 11sec – can’t wait for the Skypes!

Here’s hoping we can co-schedule events in the future, but even if there’s a second stream of Australian Apple ][ gatherings, I’m still chuffed! The more the merrier, I say!

WOzFest 11sec Announcement

I’m very happy to announce the date for the next WOzFest, WOzFest 11sec – Saturday 13 October 2018, starting around midday Sydney time (UTC+11:00).

The theme for WOzFest 11sec is Applesauce, which takes 11 seconds to image unprotected Apple ][ 5¼” disks. Applesauce is John Morris’ phenomenal USB interface for Apple ][ disk drives which takes Apple ][ software preservation to new heights by capturing magnetic flux-level images of disks. My interest in such devices goes back a way.

I’ve organised one Skype call and, for once, I’m going to pre-announce who’ll be at the other end – John Morris has agreed to call in and discuss Applesauce. It’ll be a treat for attendees, and there’ll be at least one Applesauce on hand for attendees to check out thanks to Michael from The Retro Computing Roundtable podcast who secured one of the first run of the device – thanks, Michael!

Attendees are welcome to bring as many disks as possible for imaging – I’m not sure how many we’ll get done, but it’ll be interesting to see how Applesauce works with a variety of disks. I think I have about a thousand which need processing – and I don’t think that’s an exaggeration!

Existing projects, related to the theme or not, are more than welcome to be brought along as well – whether it be repairs, upgrades, show and tells of new acquisitions…whatever you want to work on.

As always, it will be held at my place at Wollstonecraft, on Sydney’s Lower North Shore – contact me for the address. Start time is 12:00(ish), with an expected finish time of around 21:30.

No lunch provided, but nibbles, soft drinks and Apple cider will be available (I ask for a small contribution towards snacks), and we’ll all chip in for delivery pizza for dinner whenever we notice we’re hungry.

I hope to see you there!